Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux


Through the portraits “Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux” (Eye in Eye), I take the time to look at the person posed in front of me. Everything starts simply from two eyes that intersect.

Constantly in the eye, I link or overlap different drawings of the model. In black & white, the line is uninterrupted.

In color, I paint, trace, using alternately acrylic, pastel bold and dry, Indian ink, ballpoint pen, markers, … My hand takes the tools at hand to draw “what is”.

I do not care about the result. Once portraits are made, I directly collect the feeling, the impact of a shared look.

I notice that the unique features of the portrait reflect an invisible movement, sometimes an emotion, sometimes a story. I become aware of the powerful listening of the look.

What is really revealed in this sacred space?

Every line, every portrait, every word has its reason for being. They translate a form of accuracy, truth, authenticity.

After having drawnLes Yeux Dans Les Yeuxmore than 700 people from here and elsewhere, I noticed through my drawings, a mystery, a softness and an intensity of this sharing moment.


I see that with a single look, the person in front of me, reveals him/herself little by little during the portrait making.

Today, through my portraits “Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux“, I am convinced that a sincere and open look allows to really get in touch with yourself.

With my artistic/graphic approach, my intention is that the portraits “Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux” become the symbol of a deep and authentic encounter with oneself and the other, a “link creating” haven where intuition seizes what can’t be seen.

“Four minutes of eye contact
brings people closer to each other
better than everything else” *

Arthur Aron

Your portrait
« Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux »


Take the time to sit down, to meet each other, to let yourself be watched, with this sincerity of the link to oneself and the other.
An Individual Portrait, Portrait of a couple, Portrait of a group/family, Portrait of a child/a baby.

Per portrait, I make a series of 3 drawings in A3 format (individual portrait) and A2 format (group portrait), in color or in black & white. The format may vary dependingon the request.

The drawings will be witnesses of the encounter, the acknowledgment and the acceptance of “who you are”, here and now.

You will experience a meeting, a recognition and a confirmation of “who you are”, here and now.

Experience beyond time, challenging and innovative / It touches my authenticity / To live something unexpected and yet so human / Let me look, reveal myself, acceptmyself as I am / a special gift to afford or to offer / Experience to get closer toyourself / a precious moment / …

My atelier is located at « Ateliers pARTage », rue du Fort 46 à Saint-Gilles (Brussels). on requestI also come and draw on location: Bar Event/ Exhibition / At home.

The realisation of a series of portraits “Les Yeux Dans les Yeux” varies between 30 minutes and 1h and requires aappointment in advance.

Ateliers pARTage

rue du Fort 46


Through this simple eye exchange, these encounters – simple, deep and unadorned showed me the sensitivity of each “I” and, at the same time, of our humanity “us”.

Thanks to this experience, my approach is now open to groups and organisations(companies / associations / collectives / neighborhood projects) who wish, through a set of portraits, to highlight the human in its “I” and in its “us”.

In other words, I draw a group / team in one stroke or I draw individually each person and then collects the portraits and testimonies of these meetings “Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux” to make a collective work *.

 We then expose all the portraits in a central space.

This approach – artistic, human, innovative & creating links – simply celebrates the human at the heart of the collective.

Categories « Exposition / Event », « TeamBuilding », « Corporate Gifts », « Social Project »

Artistic Performance / Conference


Upon request, I come to immortalize the artistic performances/conferences. My eyes are on the speakers, the poets and the poetry, on the musicians and the music, on the rhythm and the intensity, …

As words, notes, movements, my line accompanies the energy of the moment through the drawing and sometimes the color.


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Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux

The Art of Human Services
The Art of a Link Creator

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Family constellations, R.E.R.
and Portraits « Les Yeux Dans Les Yeux”

(*) Parcours d’Artistes Saint-Gilles 2018
photo: Frédéric Moreau De Bellaing

Véronique van der Wielen travaille par l’intermédiaire de la coopérative Smart Coop –  Productions Associées – Rue Coenraets 72 à 1060 Bruxelles – TVA BE0698755397